Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching Up on Christmas, Part 1

I may have officially crossed that line on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady.

It's actually Christmas night as I type this. The guests have all gone home. The kitchen and dining room are clean, and the dishwasher is chugging away on the last of the dishes. My friend, Nicole the Knitter, brought me over an early (for us) Christmas gift from her cat, Odin: the vinyl version of Billy Joel's 52nd Street.

I unwrapped it in my kitchen in front of a bunch of friends and I actually screamed.

Like a little girl.

That had seen a mouse.

And I don't even have a record player. I have it digitally and that's good enough, but this bad boy is going into a frame!

I damn near jumped on Nicole to hug her. She said Portland, OR has the best used record shops in the country. I believe her.

Now, remember, I did crochet Odin a mousie of his very own, to be presented when Michelle and Nicole and I exchange our gifts. But suddenly, his little Strawberry mousie didn't quite seem adequate enough anymore.

So, I went to the sewing machine tonight to whip up a little manly Christmas stocking for Odin. It's big enough to hold two containers of gushy food and his mousie on top.

Burlap and brown cotton duck, and it was scrap material I already had. The burlap actually came from the bulletin board project in August, and the duck was actually from some throw pillows I've been cannibalizing for other projects.

Now, obviously I know Odin is not going to be impressed with a Christmas stocking. But I figure if I'm crafting for her cat, then that's a pretty good thank you for the gift, don't you think?

I actually gave this to Nicole on January 15. We do our group Christmas after the fact, so we can all get caught up on money and time to breathe. Odin got his gift before the rest of the group because Nicole came over for another Doctor Who marathon yesterday. She said he's already been beating the hell out of the mousie and using his stocking (which I ended up writing his name on the cuff) as a nap mat.

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