Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Bad Do I Have It?

Do you remember those NASCAR commercials from a year years ago that asked, "How bad have you got it?" They were about NASCAR fans that were so ate up with their favorite sport, they found ways to work it into everyday life. How fast can you change your kid's tire swing? I think that question, "How bad have you got it," sums me up where holiday decorations are concerned.

Through Christmas, I had my eye on a light up Charlie Brown at the grocery store. I already bought his sad Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, so I needed Charlie. I figured I'd wait to see if he went on sale because he $29.99 and only 18" tall.

Sure enough, he went on sale for 40% off after Christmas so I bought him a few days ago.

He's cute on the box. On the box. I should have opened the box in the grocery store to look at him. This is what I got.

When I opened the box and took him out, I actually yelled, "Oh my God, he looks like he has a facial deformity!" My husband just laughed and me and said, "Nice!" I couldn't put this ugly ass thing up in my house or yard for the world to see. It needed some reconstructive surgery.

I actually took Charlie Brown's face off (I couldn't move the eyes and brows because they were stuck on) and repositioned his nose and mouth. I also sewed up his sides together where the tinsel fabric was supposed to meet.

He looks so much better! True, his eyes are still crooked but they don't seem to be so terribly so anymore. When I was done, I asked my husband, "Remember those NASCAR commercials?" He knew exactly what I was talking about. :)

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