Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've Said It Before...

...and I'll say it again...sometimes, being a packrat is a good thing.

I was lurking through the internet tonight and came across another American Girl pattern to try out. It was a quick one to do and it was actually a sewing pattern!

This is actually the photo from the Old Days-Old Ways blog of the cape project. I didn't bother taking a photo of the wanna be American Girl doll I bought wearing the same cape, so I swiped her photo.

This is such a cute little project! You can take a Santa hat and turn i into a cape for an 18" doll. And because I'm a packrat, after I saw this pattern, I went straight to our Christmas decorations in the attic to dig out my Dollar Tree Santa hat to make this cape. I even already had the button for decoration, the plastic snap to keep it closed at the neck and the thread I used for it. I bought NOTHING for this little project.

There are step by step directions, along with other photos, on this blog, so if you want to make this for someone else's doll, it's super easy to follow along.

In all seriousness, this project took maybe 30 minutes. And it was a good way to upcycle/reuse that Christmas decoration that comes out of the attic for one month only every year.

And I'm pretty sure I'm getting carried away with this doll. Remember, it's for my niece who is not yet one year old and I'm not planning on giving her this stuff until she's probably four.

After working on the cape project, I started to clean out my sewing box. I realized I had a bunch of elastic in there I didn't even know about, which will be good for more outfits later on. I even found the Justice League polar fleece I used as a template for my scooter seat covers from December 2009. I figured I could toss it out, since it was kind of a pain in the ass to make any more covers and I can buy them online. But then I thought...

...I can make something with that fabric for the doll! And that's when I knew I was getting carried away.

She's got her polar fleece winter hat, a matching John Stewart (not to be confused with Jon Stewart) Green Lantern scarf, an oval Batman pillow, and a heart shaped Superman pillow. Come on, what little geeky girl hasn't grown up with a crush on Superman?

This might all signify that I need a crafting intervention. Because now I'm thinking...BEDDING!

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