Sunday, January 2, 2011

Newboy Cap Pattern

On the crochet sites I frequent, I've seen more and more newsboy style caps appearing. I figure that with the two fun winter hats I have (Jack Skellington and now R2-D2), I should probably make at least one that looks a little more adult-ish. This pattern from FavCrafts was the one I chose.

I made mine with Lion Brand Homespun in Baroque (shades of purple ), which is a boucle yarn, and some unknown (probably Lion Brand again) chenille in jewel tones.

You really have to pay attention to this pattern and it would help to read this one through once before actually starting it. I realized at what I thought was row 13 that I had been missing several rows. The pattern is worded as, "Rnd 4 (And All Even Rnds): Sc in each sc around." I had missed the "and all even rounds" part and according to the comments on this page, I wasn't the only one. Pulling out boucle yarn will make the nicest person swear but somehow, I was able to do it successfully and get the pattern going correctly.

The pattern calls for a piece of plastic canvas to be placed inside the brim to give it some shape and sturdiness. For mine, I used a piece of clean milk jug instead. You don't need a very large piece, so if you buy only a quart of milk at a time, you should still be able to work with that. The most important thing is that it's flat. And it's good recycling too!

If I'm not wearing purple, then I'm just not dressed!
Instead of making a couple of buttons to go on the hat, I dug through my stash to see what I had in purple. I wanted a couple of mismatched ones.
God, I hate doing self portraits!

I made another newsboy type cap a few years ago. It was the Suede Cap from Lion Brand (you'll need to create a user name and login with Lion Brand in order to see their free patterns, but it's worth it. And you won't get spammed from them either.).

I didn't end up liking this one. Mine didn't come out with that angled shape to the front and the brim looked like hell on mine. I would have liked the Newsboy Cap I made better with a longer brim like this one from Lion Brand though.

But the one I made is good because there's enough room in it that I can tuck my ears into it easily for when it's cold enough outside for a hat. My ears are kind of big, so the model in the picture up on top can get away with having the hat sit above her ears. 

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