Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When the Crochet Ego Gets A Little Too Big

I decided I wanted to take a crack at crocheting the Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston. I thought he might be a fun little plushie for Nicole, seeing how she really started my Doctor Who addiction. He ended up being harder to make than I thought.

Snuffykin does have a Ninth Doctor pattern for free, but I really preferred her Tenth Doctor pattern. I thought I could combine them somehow, change the hair and have something really pretty cool.

Yeah, not so much.

Do you know how hard it is to crochet a somewhat receding hairline? Especially when the hair is cut as closely as his was in his Doctor Who days? I tried a couple different things, and even tried using a picot stitch as the front of his hair.

Snuffykins has two really cute ami patterns for the doctors, but I was going for something different than her Ninth pattern. Her pattern had a straight hairline for Nine, but a lot of the pictures I looked at had some "movement" in Christopher's real hair that the ami didn't have. And because I'm a pain in the ass, I wanted to go as real as I could.

And I'll be honest with you on two points: 1--I shouldn't have gone with black yarn. Something lighter would have been better. And 2-my tries of his hair looked like the start of an afro.

So, since I can't get the Doctor's hair to look good, I'm going to have to cross this project off my mental to-do list. And it's kind of a shame I couldn't get his hair right, because I was looking forward to this project. I thought his ears and nose would be great little challenges to work out. He has some very distinct features and I enjoyed that.

Sorry Nicole, I guess you'll just have to find something else to surprise you with for your birthday. :)

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