Monday, March 14, 2011

Seeing Beauty in Utter Destruction

Right now, there's nothing new anyone can say about the tsunami devastation in Japan. However, I just watched this video on CNN's site. Towards the end, you see the president of a sake manufacturing plant. Before the tsunami hit, he gave his 50 employees the choice of either evacuating with their families or heading out to the shelters before hand. His plant was destroyed and you can actually see it being demolished in this video.

Now, days later, he goes out each day to the shelters, looking for his employees. He had only been able to locate 22 of them. With the video crew following, he comes across three more of his employees.

His dedication to his employees really touched me. How many employers do we have, or have had, that would do that for us? I don't know that any I've had would do that for me, and I've actually had some really good employers. But what really struck me is the happiness, the pure emotion, on his face when he finds them. Considering that Asians seem to be somewhat reserved and reticent, the fact that he is so openly emotional upon finding his employees is a beautiful thing.

Here's hoping that all that are lost are found.

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