Friday, June 17, 2011

Crocheted Jewelry

The most awesome link of the day is the crocheted ring link! I just finished a salmon colored chenille ring (pattern 1). I did five more of them and turned them into charms on a chain.

This image is from Brett Bera's pattern

The really nice thing about this pattern is after you've made the three options they show, you'll start to realize how to make others! However, don't use cheap chenille when making the ring. I did that with the ring I made (the same chenille yarn I used for the necklace). I realized that because of it's size, the ring kept getting bent into a concave shape on the back of my hand. I think better (newer) yarn (because this chenille was a little old) would work better, and with a smaller hook. And I needed to make the band part a little more snug because yarn has give to it that metal doesn't, when it comes to jewelry being taken on and off. I will definitely try the ring again.

I like how the necklace turned out. I already had the rings and the chain.

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