Saturday, June 11, 2011

Got to Get Caught Up

Things have been busy here since I last posted on May 31. On June 3, I wrecked my scoot.

I was riding it because I had gone out to Portsmouth to visit the wife of a former patient we had in the hospice I work at. I needed to turn left and was completely stopped at the intersection. If I had been driving our Blazer, I would have made the turn the exact same way. It was all clear so I gave the scoot some gas and went on. Literally halfway through the intersection, I fell over. There was no in-between: I was moving and then I was on the ground in the road with the scoot on my leg. My husband thinks I may have hit some loose gravel, when I told him what had happened.

Thankfully, one guy with a good heart whose name I didn't catch, helped me pick up the scooter and set it up right. (They weigh about 240 lbs, empty.) Like a dumbass, I rode the damn thing home. It was meant to be a practical move: we don't have a ramp to get the scooter into the back of  my husband's pick up truck anyway.

So I scooted from downtown Norfolk to Oceanview very slowly. I had a scratched up windshield (note to all scooter riders out there: GET A WINDSHIELD! After looking at the scratches on it in real life, I realize it caught a lot of damage that could have potentially been done to ME.), a broken front turn signal, assorted scratches, mirrors all knocked crooked, and my handlebars were bent. My plan was to go home, clean up my left ankle, hop in the Blazer, and worry about the scoot later on. Yeah, that didn't happen.

As soon as I got home and took off my shoes, I couldn't stand on my left ankle anymore. So I called my supervisor to let her know I wouldn't be back to the office, and then my husband to let him know I wanted to go to the ER to get my leg looked at. Luckily, my head never hit the ground so my helmet was intact. But for a while there, I was thinking I had done some serious damage to myself.

My left leg is extremely ugly right now, all different shades of red, black, blue, purple, and grey. It's just all bad bruising and a sprain. I wore a boot for almost a week and I'm down to just an Ace bandage now. I need to toss it out tonight. From the road rash on the outside of my ankle, the bandage looks like a haz-mat concern now from the oozing. I'm glad there wasn't any real blood or anything broken! The worst part was for a couple of days, that torn big toe nail stung like a mo-fo.

The good news is that the insurance company has approved the repairs! I dropped the scoot off last Monday and the check should be there yesterday or today. Brambleton Avenue=0, Amy Lynn=1! Take that, bitch! :)

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