Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Need to Geek Out a Little Bit

Ummmmm, I kinda want to do this to my scooter now. I'm a 37 year old woman and I want a purple Batgirl scooter. I think my husband would either kill me or divorce me over something like that, even though it's my scooter, bought and maintained, but I think this would put him over the edge.

Seriously...I am really digging this. This just screams awesome.

And this next project is why I like crafty people: a crocheted baby hat that looks like a busted condom.


  1. hi there...Thats MY Batgirl cycle!Email me off here for more pics and I can tell you why you MUST do this...dont be scared do it!!


  2. DO IT!!!! do the bat girl scooter!!! and make sure you have a purple helmet and a make yourself a purple cape to go with it!! You'll get more attention on that than your husband has paid you in years... if he's the kind of guy who would dump you for macking out your scooter... a assume. Lifes too short not to!!!

  3. TorontoMark--I love the scooter! It's completely fabulous and purple is my favorite color. But, my serious drawback to doing something like that here would be changing the registration on my scooter to reflect it no longer being a red Vino 125, but a purple one instead. In VA, you have to register scooters that are 125 cc or bigger.

    Anonymous--Nah, don't get that impression about the hubby. He enjoys his rides and he actually has bought me accessories for my scooter, but I am more colorful than he is. :) He's even ridden my scoot a few times.

    Besides, if I were going to pimp my scoot, it would HAVE to be in a Spider-Man theme...Spidey rules, Batgirl is a close second, but Spidey still rules. :)

  4. Oh wow, THESE are the paint jobs I need!!!! :)