Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who's Feeling Like A Halloweenie?

Who's got two thumbs and is feeling like a Halloweenie?


Time for Halloween pictures of this year's decorations around the yard. More pictures to come after I take some more once it's light out again.

I would have liked to get a full sized bale of straw but had to settle for the one little one this year. The Spider-Man yard bags were a giftie from Nicole the Knitter when she went up to New York a while back. The gargoyle came from Target and I have to be very careful with it. These were crazily fragile, and I had a smaller one that broke a couple years back. Two repairs is all it could handle. The two pumpkins were bought years ago on post-holiday clearance from Walgreen's.

The spider attack victim was made from CPR dummy adult legs, dummy child arms and a painted Styrofoam head. She used to have a male torso and sit on my front step, dressed as a witch for a couple of years, but I got tired of that. As the victim, she's wrapped in half a sheet from the Salvation Army Thrift Store, secured with strips of sheet from the other half, then bound in "scary Halloween fabric" (that's seriously what it's called at Walgreen's) and then the whole shebang in draped in spiderwebs. The hanging skellie is new this year, also from Walgreen's, but since yesterday, it's been wearing a Baltimore Ravens t-shirt that my husband ordered from Amazon. He's obviously NOT a Ravens fan (see the Steelers' mermaid?)

My zombie flamingo came from Cheeseburger in Paradise a few years ago. It was a regular old pink flamingo that I "rented" for $5 with the idea it would be used as a prop in some photography contest they were having. Once you brought the flamingo back, you'd get back the $5 and a couple for free appetizers. I couldn't think of anything good as an entry in the contest and just hung onto this. I repainted it and added a noose here.

I love this oddball. This little hanging ghoul is several years old and came from Walgreens too (see a trend yet?). This year, he was looking pretty rough and I haven't seen any other ones like him in the last couple of years. Shit, even if I had, I probably wouldn't be able to let him go. So this year, I fixed him up. His elastic string needed to be replaced, so I re-threaded his head with 550 cord. His cloak, hood and rags just about fell off his emaciated little body, so I hot glued them back on. I added the white fabric pieces this year to give him some more weight and overall size. It's actually very cheap fabric that was part of the packaging from a mattress pad I had ordered. It was stark bright white when it arrived, so to get it ready for the ghoul, I let it soak in a tea bath to darken it. Even through it's cheap fabric, it barely took the color, but it took enough to take away the brightness.

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