Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Had My First Regretsy Moment

Sorry for the shitty picture, I took it with my cell phone.
Here is the last of my shared vacation photos. How many people take pictures of items for sale when they are on vacation anyway??? 

This was my first public Regretsy moment and it made me think of the "Compare and Save" category there. This was at a Hancock Fabrics and I saw this when I went in to buy a new glue gun.

They are advertised as “decorative clothespins,” 12 for $3.99.  Later on, I had to look this up to see if I was seeing it right

It made me think of the “Compare and Save” category they have sometimes. Amazon has 72 clothespins for $2.39.  And by the way, I sent this photo over to Helen Killer at Regretsy. I wonder if she'll use it.

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