Saturday, February 19, 2011

True Randomness

A co-worker (and new friend) of a friend sent out a chat log she had to do for work recently. In the interest of protecting the stupid and the co-worker, I've changed the names of those involved. I want to submit this to the Art of Trolling but since it's not mine, I think I'll refrain.
10:38:54 AM [Dumbass ] Are there cannibles?
10:39:08 AM [Dumbass ] hey
10:39:13 AM [Dumbass ] ?
10:39:19 AM [Friend ] Hello and thank you for contacting [link removed]. I am happy to assist you today!
10:39:36 AM [Friend ] Can you please clarify your question so I can better assist you?
10:39:55 AM [Dumbass ] Are there cannibles at the carribean?
10:40:30 AM [Dumbass ] hello?
10:40:44 AM [Friend ] No.
10:41:02 AM [Dumbass ] Ok how do you know that for exact?
10:41:49 AM [Friend ] The cruise lines would not travel to destinations that would endanger their guests in any way.
10:42:09 AM [Dumbass ] oh ok. thats perfect for my family! =)
10:42:29 AM Friend ] Is there anything else I can do for you?
10:43:10 AM [Dumbass ] do the crusie lines go with the nickeloden cruise?
10:43:53 AM Friend ] That is available on the Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Jewel.
10:44:30 AM [Dumbass ] ok.... well im in Norwich New York where should i go to get a crusie?
10:45:08 AM Friend ] Please clarify your question so I can further help you?
10:47:13 AM [Dumbass ] Im in Norwich New York. Where should i go to get a crusie?
10:48:17 AM [Friend ] What do you mean by "Where should i go to get a crusie?"
10:48:56 AM [Friend ] Do you mean which port should you sail from? Or should you go to a travel agency?  Or what destination should you visit?
10:48:56 AM [Dumbass ] Cause im in New York what destination should i go to to beable to get on a cruise?
10:49:17 AM [Dumbass ] yes which port?
10:49:29 AM [Dumbass ] i mean what destination
10:49:37 AM [Friend ] In order for me to give you accurate pricing, I will need you to narrow down your specifications. I recommend that you search our website for a cruise that meets your family's criteria.  Once you have decided on a specific sailing you can either book online or call our Cruise Consultants for help booking.  You can find the Advanced Search option on our website at the following link: [link removed].
10:50:05 AM [Friend ] This will also help you figure out which destinations you can visit most easily.
10:50:37 AM [Friend ] Remember, there will not be any cannibals in any destination that is visited by cruise lines.
10:51:22 AM [Dumbass ] well how do you guys know if there isnt any cannibals with out checking?
10:52:36 AM [Friend ] If that is a genuine concern for you and your family, maybe you should consider a land vacation in the continental United States.
10:53:03 AM [Dumbass ] No im just wondering
10:53:21 AM [Dumbass ] but how much would one cruise line be?
10:53:48 AM [Friend ] Honestly, the Europeans wiped out most of those tribes hundreds of years ago.  You do not have to worry about cannibals.
10:54:25 AM [Dumbass ] Oh ok
10:55:57 AM [Friend ] I cannot give you a ball park figure quote for a cruise.  You need to pick the sailing that you want to book and then we can give you a quote.  So, take some time and search on our website. Once you see something that looks good to your family, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-XXX-XXXX and we will be glad to help you book.
10:57:40 AM [Dumbass ] well i dont know if this is true because me and my friend survived from a cannibal attack
10:58:26 AM [Friend ] Is there anything else I can do for you?
10:58:33 AM [Dumbass ] im just jokeing with you if that really happened i wouldnt even be alive
10:58:59 AM [Friend ] If there is nothing else I can do, have a pleasant day.
10:59:12 AM [Dumbass ] im a cannibal.
10:59:31 AM [Friend ] This chat session is being terminated.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

The first bloomers in my front flowerbed: yellow crocus. They have been the first blooming flowers for the last couple years. Looks like we really will have an early spring this year.