Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Angels Have My Crafting Room

So even though I'm almost through with Doctor #2's episodes, I've learned about the weeping angels from Ten and Eleven's series. These things sounds refreshingly scary. "Their usual mode of feeding is to send their victims back in time, feeding on the resulting energy difference. When they are not being observed by another sentient being, they can move very quickly and silently, but when they are being observed they become "quantum-locked", occupying a single position in space. In this state, they are frozen and indestructible. They cannot suppress this reaction. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time, they would be trapped in stone form forever. To prevent this, they often cover their eyes when freezing - this makes them look like they are weeping. They were not shown moving until the Eleventh Doctor episode, "Flesh and Stone", where they slowly turn towards Amy Pond when they realize she cannot open her eyes."

So I haven't seen them yet, but I am anxiously awaiting to get to those episodes! Other than the Toymaker in the 60's (battled against by Doctor #1), these sound like the most original kind of monster/bad guy I've seen in awhile.

So, still riding this Doctor Who high, I'm lurking along Craftster (where else?) and I come across directions on how to turn a Barbie doll into a Weeping Angel. I was almost ready for a full on geek-out. Unfortunately, I am a dumb ass and didn't bookmark the original page.

But wait, it gets better: the woman who made the angel has a blog and I bookmarked it there!

Not only did I have to make one for me (which will double as a Christmas tree topper this year), I knew I had to make one for Nicole, because it was the right thing to do.

At the local thrift store, I was able to get a bag of 4 packaged Barbies for $4.99. I was purposely looking for Barbies with bent arms already. I broke the head off one of the dolls when I started working on them.
There was something weirdly liberating about breaking off Barbie's legs and giving her a crew cut.

I didn't completely follow Cynthia's directions about the proper shaped water bottles. This shape is going to give the angels a "fuller" look later on. However, I realized that was going to happen when I bought the two bottles of water. I was lazy, this is all the store had (shape-wise) and I wasn't going to go out to other stores to hunt down other shaped bottles.

Considering how I haven't touched clay to make something since high school, I have to admit that this next part went pretty well. There was a minimal amount of swearing involved but I took my time with them. I thought Cynthia did a great job with the hair on her angel. That was actually where I had the most trouble. I thought my two angels, with their "wet" clay hairstyles looked like one was wearing a turban and the other a helmet. Thank god the clay does shrink and tighten as it dries!

I purposely didn't break the arms to completely hide their eyes. I didn't think I could do a good enough patch job of reattaching them. Besides, I like the idea that the angels didn't have time to cover their eyes and they are frozen like that.

If you're wondering though...the Barbie with the exposed face: I tried to super glue one palm to her face and then hold it in place as the glue dried with 550 cord. That didn't work so well. After the glue dried and I removed the cord, the hand sprang out from her face and I had the marks of the cord in the previously dried paint. Even after a touch up of the paint, that gave this angel a little rougher look.

At one point, my funnyman husband looked at the first angel (with the rounded water bottle inside her wet clay gown) and asked, "Why is so she so chunky? I think she needs to go to the gym." When I explained about the water bottle shape and how that was the first angel, he then said, "Can we keep the skinny angel then?" I thought that was funny. Especially that he could care about which angel we would be keeping, because he is so NOT a sci-fi geek.

Attaching the wings was the absolute worst thing. I went through a lot of super glue.

I actually felt like I had a harder time with the painting more than anything else. I gave each angel 3 coats of spray paint primer and then probably 3-5 coats of mixed craft paints to create highlights and shadows. The 3-5 coats were done over the course of about 3 days, so each coat would dry and I could compare the shading and the angels together. Can you say OCD? :)

As a fun little tribute, I did add a little graffiti to the back of each angel. I found a page with several pictures of a handmade Weeping Angel costume that is just so amazing. She wrote "Bad Wolf" on the back of her costume. I don't know who Bad Wolf is yet, other than another Whouniverse bad guy, but I decided to add that same touch to these angels. "I figured any statue is going to end up with graffiti, right?"

It was really kind of hard to get decent pictures of the angels in my kitchen, even with my good camera (and not the phone). The angel in the front (on the right of the picture) is the one I'm keeping for me. The one in the back is the one with rougher face.
DON'T BLINK! And good luck! The angel in the back is going to her new home today.