Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To Make Wheelchair Pads

My sewing might actually be getting a little better. Or at least I am doing less swearing while I sew. That in itself might be the biggest feat.

The Hospice I work for rents wheelchairs occasionally for our patients but we have to buy the cushions, if they are needed. Our CEO asked me to look into getting some donated, so I did what I always do when someone needs something for free: I hit Craigslist's "free" section and then the right "for sale" category. Don't get me wrong. I also have hit up a couple of companies that make and sell acoustic pads, but I figured Craigslist could get me something sooner.

I came across a listing for some very nice cushions foe sale that had been custom made for a dining room table and chair set. The seller and I exchanged a couple of emails, and she said her husband had some cushions tucked away in the attic. If I wanted to come over to pick them up, she'd donate them all to me and she'd still have the cushions for anyone who wanted to pay for them. I thought that was a great way to recycle some cushions that needed a new purpose.

I ended up getting 8 cushions, or enough to make 1 set of cushions for 4 wheelchairs. eHow Health had a great set of directions on how to make wheelchair pads. The cushions I received were actually to big but I easily trimmed them to the right size. Thankfully, we have a wonderful durable medical equipment guy to call to ask silly questions like, "What size is so-and-so's wheelchair that you took to him?" 

Here goes the whole pack rat thing again: I didn't have to buy any fabric again for this project. Since the fireworks that I was going to see on July 4th were rained out, I spent that night sewing. I had enough assorted fabrics to make fitted covers for those 8 cushions, and in the process of digging through my stash, I even came across 2 brand new pillowcases I didn't even know we had! I've already taken them all into the office, and the first two will be going to the patient's house next week with his nurse. I hope the patient is nice and comfy with them!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Honor of "Infect Norfolk"

"Infect Norfolk" is a live action zombie role playing game that started last weekend. Unlike "Survive Norfolk" last year, I actually got in on this one right from the get-go.

WHAT: A live action role playing game and attempt to break the world record for largest gathering of zombies.

THE STORY: An airborne mutated virus has been accidentally (?) released. Inhaled by everyone, the virus dormantly waits for the trigger that turns its host into an undead slave. Who is behind the leak? When will the trigger happen? Where will the undead gather and for what reason? Is there a cure?

Since it's an airborne virus, I've decided that after each event, I'm going to take a new picture of myself and Photoshop it to how I might look after such an event in real life. I took a few creative liberties with this first photo.

I felt a little run down after the closing event of Art Everywhere in downtown Norfolk at the TCC Quad. A bunch of us there seemed to just hit the ground at the same time. I wonder what it was. I didn't look so good the next day either.