Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crafting by Candlelight

I was going through my camera to take pictures off of it when I found this one. I took it in our dining room the night after Hurricane Irene came through, on August 28. I used the backlight setting on my camera and was amazed at how well it turned out.

My husband had already gone to bed and he'd turned the generator off for the night. (We lost power for 2-3 days.) When I took this photo, it was probably 9-10 PM and pitch dark, both inside and out. I wasn't ready for bed yet, so I stayed up, doing some crochet by candlelight. :) I was, and still am, working on my minion.

BTW, we didn't have any damage from the storm.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Small Success

It's almost 1 AM and I'm almost ready for bed. But first, I need to share this one little success.

I couldn't work on the main part of a Halloween costume tonight (last night?) because I screwed up the amount of fabric and didn't have enough. But I was not going to let my evening go to waste. I did continue to sew though. In fact, I completed one part of the costume: a dickey.

Okay, stop laughing. I'm serious.

I'm actually pretty proud of this and I would have shared a photo tonight but it's really hard to take a decent cell phone picture of yourself wearing a dickey in a tall cheap mirror.

I used part of a spool of thread I already had, and the fabric is a remnant from a fabric store, some kind of slightly off white cotton (I think, it's not really a linen). It has the faintest wavy texture to it. I used three snaps I already had to fasten it along the bottom edge. Instead of making ties like the pattern suggested, I dug through my sewing box and found two lengths of white 1/2" wide ribbon and turned those into my ties.

I did cheat on the collar part of the dickey and left out the interfacing. I didn't have any, and like I keep reminding myself, this is a Halloween costume.

So, I'm feeling vindicated over the earlier debacle with the wrong amount of fabric again. I may actually be on a roll again!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sewing Swearalong

Tonight, my suspicions have been confirmed. I am an idiot at the sewing machine. Or at least with a pattern.

Remember how I mentioned I was a little short on fabric for a Halloween project? I went back to the fabric store yesterday and got some more. It's the same kind, so I did that much right. But do you think I measured the pattern piece I needed to finish off, in order to make sure I bought enough?

Fuck, no.

I eyeballed that bitch.

I realized tonight I STILL DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH FABRIC!!!!!!!! If my husband wasn't sleeping right now, I'd be cussing and stomping around the house like an angry bitch with PMS whose just discovered there's no chocolate in the house, when she knew she had some hidden away.

I don't care. I want to be over caring at this point. It's a God damn Halloween project. It doesn't need to be perfect, even though I know the slight artsy-fartsy OCD tendencies in me are going to be eaten alive over this flaw that only I will know about in a way that's similar to that PMS-required chocolate. I can't even piece together fabric in such a way to hide the extra seams. I seriously have to buy another yard tomorrow.


I guess in the meantime, I'll work on something else. I wonder what else I can screw up tonight.

God, PLEASE, give me the strength to get through this sewing project without hurting someone or tossing my sewing machine out the window like I often threaten to do.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sewing and Swearing

Sewing and swearing...they go together so naturally. At least for me anyway.

I found out the hard way that I don't know how to properly lay out pattern pieces on fabric so I can actually get all the pieces cut out. I bought enough fabric for my first Halloween project so far, but I wasn't careful when I cut the pieces out. So now I have to go back to the store and get more fabric because I'm a couple of inches too narrow for the last freaking piece. Which is truly sad when you consider the pattern shows you exactly how to lay the pattern pieces out on the fabric for maximum coverage.

Apparently, I am a moron.

And then tonight, you know you're a natural when it comes to sewing and swearing when you can make your husband, in the Navy for almost 15 years, listen to you, ask what's wrong, still assume there's something wrong with the machine (he didn't think it could be a problem with the person using the machine, I guess), hear you swearing like a shipmate (you know that phrase, "swearing like a sailor?"), and calmly walk away. There's a lot of faith in that man's heart to start asking me about the machine, because I can almost hear him think that the machine needs repairs or be replaced because of it's age. :)

Hell, I came across one place in the pattern tonight that I thought I screwed up, naturally. Turns out, the pattern may actually be longer in the back than in the front.

About two months until Halloween. I may not survive.

An Update on a Kitty Bedroom

Since creating the computer monitor turned cat bed for my cat, Dixie has really been enjoying it. If I can't find her downstairs, that means she's probably just hiding out upstairs in my crafting room, napping in her own monitor.

But Odin, the cat that belongs to Nicole the knitter? Whole 'nother story. He really liked the squishy, nip-filled pillow I made for his monitor. He dragged it around Nicole's bedroom. That's as far as he would venture with the evil cat eating monitor. Reminds me of the kite eating tree from Peanuts.

"I took Odin’s pillow away from him. Placed the monitor on the floor with his toys and scratching post… He still REFUSES to get in the monitor. Last night when Bix came home I put the pillow back on the bed. He ran to it! Like a long lost friends. Snuggled it, made big paws on it, licked it clean… Pillow he LOVES… monitor he hates :("