Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Addiction Continues

I've been feeling kind of all over the place lately. All kinds of crafty things being worked on, to some degree, all at once. But not anymore. This weekend, I'm cracking down and getting things finished that have been worked on the longest.

But before that....I had to redo the clock in my crafting room first. Nicole the knitter sent me a Doctor Who image that as soon as I saw it, I thought that would rock as a clock design with a little tweaking. Then I thought, hey, I know how Cafe Press works, I can create my own Doctor Who clock...because who other than a time lord should have a clock?

Then I heard my crafting room clock ticking above me and the light bulb went on above my head!!!! I'll make my own Doctor Who clock with that clock!!!! Hell, I blame Nicole for my Who addiction anyway.

Before: a simple clock with grapes on it.
The design I came up with in Photoshop first and then printed out. I can always add in a new image for #12 someday later on, if I feel like it. The background was some random wallpaper from a outer space site. I rotated it a little bit, adjusted the colors to more blues and greens, and gave it a little bit of a motion blur.
After: I repainted the out metal ring of the clock and clear coated it. Then I printed out the design I came up with and Mod Podged it onto the back piece (I removed the entire grape background). Then I used more Mod Podge to hold all those beads in place. The randomness of the colors and sizes made me think of Saturn's rings. The image is about 9.25" across.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a Quick Bangle Bracelet

Any ideas what this bracelet is made out of? I made it tonight.

It's cardboard from inside a small skein of yarn with ribbon wrapped around it. I bought this ribbon a while back (maybe a year or more) at AC Moore and have been waiting for a project for it. I finally figured that tonight was going to be the night to finally use some of it. It's called Taj Mahal, color #2, and it's 87% nylon and 13% metallic.


If there's someone strange
On your Christmas list
Whatcha gonna do?

If there's something weird
but it could look good
Whatcha gonna do?

It's brighter than my cell phone picture looks. And the center actually does match up. In this picture, it looks like the center is wonky but all the squares really are the same size.
Here is the most recently finished (just today, in fact) stashbuster blanket for my step-mother-in-law for Christmas. Once I'm finished with the poor woman's blocking method in my laundry room, I'm guessing it will be about 50"x50". It is four separate Granny squares of the same yarns but of different sequences.

This was made with a K sized hook and an F sized hook (just for the edging). The yarns used were:
--1 unknown skein of a worsted weight teal
--1 skein of Lily's Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Blue (#01742)
--1 unknown half skein of a variegated jewel tones yarn
--2 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn of Vanna's Choice in purple (#147)
--Part of a One Pound skein of Lion Brand Yarn in Denim (#110)
--1 1/4 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn boucle in Baroque (#322)
--1 skein of Caron Natura in Espresso (#0208)
--2 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn-Lion Wool Prints--in Ocean Blues (#203)
--1 skein of Caron Natura in Deep Violet (#0032)
--1 skein of Dazzle  #106 (the edging)