Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'll Probably Get Flamed For This

But I have to get this off my chest. I'm kind of sick of the media blitz that Susan G. Komen For the Cure has created in its bid to end breast cancer. Granted, men can get breast cancer too and their work towards early detection is important, but it is not the only cancer that women can get. Maybe men keep their breast cancer diagnoses quiet, because breast cancer is seen more of a woman's illness.

Pink stuff is everywhere. Oriental Trading has pages of pink stuff. Pink kitchen appliances. Pink gloves and football cleats in the NFL. Hell, event he Pittsburgh Steelers have pink Terrible Towels for sale.

I guess if your cancer affects how you fill out a shirt, then it's more important than female cancers that can't be seen. If your rack is affected by cancer, is it more important because of the sexualized views Americans have about breasts? What about uterine cancer? Cervical cancer? Ovarian cancer? Fallopian tube cancer? God, it seems like testicular cancer gets more health coverage than those cancers, because Lance Armstrong has been the coverboy for it for years now.

I don't begrudge him his recovery. But still...what does uterine cancer get? My mom has had it for years, so it's more important to me than cancer of the ta-ta's. The color of the uterine cancer ribbon is peach. Peach? Seriously? Uterine cancer can't even have it's own color of ribbon and awareness? It gets a variation of pink and the damn Susan Komen group? It's unrelated!

I know I sound bitter, and I don't care anymore. I worked for a medical non-profit for seven years. Now I work for a home health agency. I see illness and death in a variety of ways and still, that pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness is more prevalent than all others. It kind of makes me sick, and it makes me wonder: is Susan G. Komen for the Cure the cancer monopoly, overriding all others, or do other female cancers just lack the same tenacity and loyalty to their causes that the Komen group has? My mom has said she's not trying to raise awareness of her cancer, nor is she trying to raise money for its study. All the studies on uterine cancer before she got it hasn't discovered a cure yet, she said. And I tend to agree with her.

So there, I got my whineys off my chest and I feel a little better.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

These Are Not the Doids You're Looking For

Alas, Halloween is over. It always makes me a little sad to put the monsters and graveyard away. However, one post-Halloween highlight that I just discovered today: a pair of socks left in my front flower bed with the spider attack victim and the hanging skeleton. I don't know where they came from, because they didn't belong to either me or my husband. But maybe that means we LITERALLY scared the socks off some poor soul on Halloween night! :)

And finally, the photos of my completed Jedi costume. One Jedi costume site recommended using ties on the inside for a more secure, tighter fit. I'm actually using snaps on mine. There are snaps in the shoulders, and the other half of the snaps are in in the tabbards to keep them from slipping down over my shoulders. I didn't have the belt pouch on that I bought at Lil GI Joe's because I didn't need it in the yard.

My husband bought Yoda's FX lightsaber for me last year for my birthday so this idea actually took this long to come to reality. Only the lightsaber, boots and D ring belt were bought. The D ring belt was saved from the thrift store bag, once my husband was going to toss it out. The boots I wear on a regular basis.

I tried to follow the pattern for the belt and tabbards but they weren't long enough, so I abandoned the pattern completely for it and just winged it, by looking at lots and lots of photos of Ewan McGregor's costumes instead. The "official" costuming sites, like the Rebel Legion and the Jedi Assembly, were great in explaining the details of the costumes. I didn't try to copy the younger Obi-Wan's costume, which is why I went with slightly different colors for my costume, but I liked how the tabbards were tunic-length in the front and stopped at the belt in the back. That little detail makes it standard as an Old Republic Jedi costume.

And yeah, dress a grown woman in a Jedi costume and put a lit lightsaber in her hand and it's impossible to not grin, wave it around and fight invisible Sith.

I realize in looking at this photo, I should have pulled down the back of the tunic a little bit before my husband snapped this one for me.

These pants are actually from a woman's pirate costume pattern: Simplicity 3677 Misses' Pirate Costume Pattern. I'm going to actually take out the elastic from the pant legs, lengthen them a little bit and put the elastic back in, later this month.