Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hanging Bed Organizer

Just a quick posting tonight. Nicole the knitter asked me to make a hanging bed organizer for her bedroom to protect her glasses from Odin. He likes to play with the stuff on her dresser. Even though I knew what she wanted would be fairly easy to make, I checked online to see if anyone else already had directions for it. SewMamaSew had one that was exactly what I was looking for.

No picture of it to post here, but Nicole's was made out of felt and had three pockets. I took some non-slip pad from our laundry room that I wasn't using for the mattress portion of the hanger. She said it's working just like she needed but Odin is still trying to play with it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Done Now With the Jim Henson Swap

Just earlier this month, I got my goodies from IHeartsTheArts in the Jim Henson Swap on Craftster. A few days later, I sent my package to her and it has been received.

The towels came from the Dollar Tree, the fabric came from eBay, and the ribbon came from A.C. Moore.

The towels and oven mitt came from the Dollar Tree, the fabric came from Hancock Fabrics, and the ribbon came from A.C. Moore.

This is actually a mini Altoids tin. When you open it up, the cast of the show is on stage in the upper lid, and Statler and Waldorf are sitting in their balcony in the lower section. They have really tiny curtains behind them, and the critics were placed in such a way to make them kind of look 3-D.

The rest of the white fabric here is actually leftover from my Jedi dickey.

A dotee-type Christmas ornament: Miss Piggy. This was based on info I got first from Craftster and then Wikipedia: A dotee is a type of small handmade fabric doll ranging in size from 3-7 inches. They have a face, tail and hanger with no arms or legs. The tail and body of the doll may be decorated with various items like ribbons and beads. Dotee dolls were originally created by Dorothy Christian.

Another dotee-type Christmas ornament: Kermit's eye!