Friday, April 13, 2012

For Friday the 13th, It's Been a Good Day

Here was my laugh for the day. Considering I'm hoping to get out to Joann's tomorrow, use a coupon and spend a little money to get some nice brown flannel for a Jedi robe, this image seemed fairly appropriate.

We also managed to get all of my gardening supplies picked up tonight at Taylor's Do It Center. 4 packets of corn seed, 3 packets of Mammoth Russian sunflower seeds, 5 herb plants, 8 begonias, 3 trays of marigolds (8 plants per tray), a tray of 8 little Best Boy tomato plants, a hanging petunia basket, a 5 lb bag of Kennebec potatoes, and  new terra cotta was a pretty good haul. I also have 2 tomatillo and 7 assorted tomato seedlings in my kitchen too, that I picked up from a woman on Craigslist last week. All of the plants are already in the ground as of tonight, and my husband hs already cut the potatoes into pieces around the eyes. This weekend, everything else should get put into the ground too.

I'm especially looking forward to the container planting I'm going to try this year. The tomatillos and all the tomato plants, as well as the herbs, are going into all the terra cotta pots I've bought this year. When I was cleaning out the shed earlier this year, I got rid of all my mismatched pots with no holes (on Craigslist) so I could get some good pots. Having that stuff in pots will help to make some room in the garden for other goodies.

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