Monday, April 9, 2012

Kind of Excited Over a Yard Sale Find

Now that the nice weather is here, my friend Nicole the Knitter heads out almost every weekend to go yard sale hunting with her Aunt Lorna. Me, well, I'm a lazy person and prefer to do my shopping online. But that didn't keep me from letting Nicole to keep me in mind for a couple items I couldn't find used.

I told her just a few days ago that if she came across a dress form or an antique sewing machine cabinet (without the machine) to give me a call. I wanted the dress form for looks, but if it happened to be adjustable, so much the better. She said she would and ended the conversation, "But I'll tell you right now, I've never come across a dress form."

Ha, that'll teach her to say never. :)

She called me on Saturday morning to say she and Lorna had just found a dress form! It's the Dritz My Double Deluxe Dress Form. I've forgotten what the original new price was, but the seller had this marked to $75, complete with the fitted cover, hem level and it's still completely adjustable.

It's a little weird seeing something like this, set with your own measurements. I'm thinking it's time to diet! But my sewing machine is going to get a workout now! I've seen far too many blogs about re-purposed clothing and I want to try that.

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