Sunday, April 29, 2012

Using The Dress Form For the First Time

The Jedi costume is still an on-going project. I did get some fabric at Joann's last weekend, but there wasn't enough to complete the Jedi robe just yet. Of course, the fabric I liked didn't have enough left on the bolt. There was only 4.833 yards left of the brown linen, so I'm waiting to hear back from Joann's to see if this fabric I found online really is the same stuff I bought in the store. If it is, then I can buy a few more yards.

Using the same Simplicity pattern as my Jedi tunic, I had enough fabric to get the robe about 3/4 finished tonight. I have one front panel that I need fabric for, but I have enough so far for the sleeve and probably the hood so they can be attached.

In looking at how this robe is going together so far, I don't think it will pass muster for the Rebel Legion. I might be able to disguise the front seam of the yoke with the oversized hood once I get it on. The front right panel will have to be kind of kept hidden a bit. I didn't want to buy even more fabric for the robe, so that was actually made wide enough by adding a strip of fabric to the edge (front center). I also made the sleeves about an inch longer than what the pattern called for.

But if this doesn't look like Rebel Legion quality to me once it's done, then I don't think I'm going to try and join them. My plan for attempting to join will only happen if I can make a good looking costume on my own. Other than the eventual belt, pouches and boots, my goal is to do this all myself. I don't want to start paying someone else to make this stuff. I know I'd have to buy Storm Trooper armor if I were wanting to be a trooper with the 501st Legion, but this is completely different.

Once I'm done with the robe, I need to  throw it in the dryer to get the lint off and then give it a quick ironing.

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