Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Really Can Find Everything on the Internet

A couple months ago, I stumbled across Secondhand Wardrobe, and it was talking about Secondhand Wardrobe Week in March.

I thought this entry was especially interesting: "Conventionally produced clothing can be terrible for the environment." I'm trying to live a greener life. If I become more of a thrift store shopper (as opposed to just furniture that catches my eye on Craigslist), then that might help me. I'm not buying anything new, I'm recycling.

Also, this entry, which basically said if you want better fitting jeans, then buy used because they will have already been washed, started to wear the way you might like them and should be shrink proof at that point.

So, I headed to the local thrift store last weekend. I went to get a piece of clothing to be repurposed (which will be a later entry) and a couple pairs of jeans. I only had 2 pairs to start with at home, and 1 of them was turning too grubby to wear to work on Friday's anymore, so this as a perfect time to check out their jeans.

I bought 2 more pairs of jeans for $4.99 a pair. That struck me as a damn good deal. They even had the kind of faded, wear color to them that I like and try to buy in new jeans. Now, I'm a lazy clothes shopper and this usually comes back to bite me in the rear. I didn't try them on. I got the right size and leg that I wanted, but I realized the other day that the one pair I tried wearing on Saturday was a tiny bit too short. This store doesn't have returns at all. I didn't want to cut them into shorts and I didn't want to try turning them into capris. Demin thanks. I'd rather just cuff them up a bit.

Here's where the internet comes into play. I went online today and searched "how to lengthen jeans." I figured this was a long shot, until I came across this site: "How to Make Your Jeans A Little Longer." BINGO!

I'm taking a quick sewing break to say THIS IS WORKING! I just got 1 3/4" more in length from my jeans by dropping them hem. The sad thing is that I wouldn't have thought of this on my own, with a pair of jeans, if I hadn't seen her blog.

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