Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Offering From You Tube

When I was goofing around on You Tube the other day, I came across the full length animated movie, Planet Hulk. Unfortunately, I can't embed it here.

"The Incredible Hulk, ejected from Earth in a spaceship, crash-lands on a planet ruled by a tyrant, who forces him to fight in a coliseum against other powerful creatures. The Hulk reluctantly befriends the combatants on his team." It was released in 2010.

I couldn't help but think that the back story of Hulk being sent away from Earth by the Avengers might actually be heartbreakingly sad if it were ever made into something live action.

One of the characters that shows up is Beta Ray Bill, who is basically an alien given a hammer and the same powers as Thor. I've always wondered what the hell it is that Beta Ray Bill reminds me of, and with this movie, I finally figured out my answer: he looks like a horse!

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