Thursday, May 3, 2012

Discovered Just in Time for "The Avengers"

While lurking along You Tube the other day, I came across a couple videos by Michael Habjan that I thought were too cool to not be shared. And the progression of the quality of the videos is pretty amazing.

This intro was posted by someone else on You Tube. Superman flies in during this video.

I really liked Brandon Routh as Superman, but Christopher Reeve was THE MAN.

I don't think the Hulk would just attack Superman like that, or anyone else, for that matter. But he would roar and scream like that though, most likely from confusion.

I agree with the creator's idea of having Superman and Hulk fight in the desert. I imagine if this were real, Superman would have lured him out there to avoid any "civilian" causalities. But I do think that the Hulk knows right from wrong, good from bad, so he wouldn't purposely hurt innocent bystanders anyway. God, I really am a geek...I'm debating a CGI fight between the Hulk and Superman. But this is the beauty of all things comics: we can debate this shit until the cows come home and we are all right in our opinions. :)

Video #3 actually makes me miss Christopher Reeve a little. Michael has done such a great job capturing the right walk and flying position here for Superman. Even his head position when he hits the Hulk with the heat vision looks like classic Reeve Superman to me.

What I especially liked is the vertical flying/hovering Michael also had him do, because that seems a little more modern day, the way Brandon Routh hovered. Seeing this series of videos bums me out a little bit that Brandon Routh didn't get another shot at being Superman. But, moving on...

Unfortunately, I do think the animator of these videos made Superman look a little like a pansy. I mean, Superman just stands there and lets a couple of boulders hit him. Ohhh, I just had a thought here. Maybe Michael Habjan is more of a Hulk fan than he is a Superman fan. I like them both, but I prefer Big Blue over the Jolly Green Giant just a little bit.

If he can fly, why doesn't he take to the air more often to try and battle Hulk into submission? And he could have used his heat vision more. Even though the Hulk healed quickly, it was enough to push him back just a bit. Superman should have just continuously pummeled the living shit out of the Hulk and hit him with prolonged heat ray blasts, enough to get him knocked airborne over and over again. Enough bodily ground hits, or even taking him into outer space without any oxygen, and the Hulk would have become unconscious. If he could have knocked the Hulk out completely, then the Hulk would have relaxed and he would have changed back to Bruce Banner again.

Or, maybe he would have tried to reason with him. He knew the Hulk could speak.

But never mind all that...I'm sure the way the fight goes through the videos was done on purpose, to give the artist a chance to show off different skills.

I know there are argumentation about the strength of the Hulk being almost limitless, compared to Superman being powered by the strength of our sun. But that seems moot here in these videos: Superman isn't trying to repower himself (it's not like he was exposed to Kryptonite) and the Hulk isn't getting any bigger with all his rage.

Anyway, I just thought these were awesome videos.

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