Monday, May 7, 2012

Jedi Robe=Finished!

The on-going saga of my Jedi costume has another item complete=the Jedi robe! I finally finished it up last night.

It's made of 100% linen from Joann Fabric, and the color is called "potting soil." I tried buying the remaining yards that I needed online but the fabric store's website kept saying there was an unknown error. The Va Beach store didn't get any more in since I bought all of what they had, so I had to go to the Chesapeake store to get the rest. That was a bit of a bummer too. If I had been able to buy it online, I would have saved a few more bucks over what the in-store sale price was.

Anyway, I bought a total of 7.8333 yards of this stuff ($95.07...YIKES!) and I don't even know how much I used for the robe as I have a lot left over. But the plus side is this: I have enough left over of this stuff to remake the tabbards and sash of the costume. Since I'm going for the best costume I can make, this is a good time to take another crack at it.

The only thing I wish I had done differently was the hem on the sleeves. For the very bottom hem and the hem around the hood, I used an X style of stitch, instead of a straight stitch, in matching brown thread. I thought having those XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX's all the way around the hems might add a little detail to the robe that only I would notice. If I had been thinking, I would have done those same X's around the bottom of the sleeves as well.

I actually made my sleeves an inch or so longer than the pattern, and I made the hood larger as well.

Is it just me or is this picture of Obi-Wan a little "Jesus-y"?
I love how Obi-Wan's hood drapes like this around his shoulders. One of the Jedi robe "trademarks" is that the hood has to be large enough to "pool" on both sides of the head on the shoulders. Sons of the Suns had a nice image there to help show how large the hood should be.

But once again, I wasn't able to get that get little shoulder "tuck" detail. That has to be a shoulder pad in there, with the sleeve tucked up underneath it with a stitch or two to hold it in place.

That could be something I could try adding again before Halloween. But I already have a set of shoulder pads in the tunic. I don't want to look like a football player...or an extra from Dynasty!

The Padawan's Guide was very helpful in helping me to figure out how large the hood should be. "Cloak is in 4 pieces. However, try to make front-to-back one piece. Most Jedi cloaks have no shoulder seam." That would be all fine and good if the average person could find fabric large enough to make a robe this like.

If you look closely here at the inside seam where the hood and shoulders meet, you'll see the seamstress added in an extra strip of matching fabric to cover that seam. I would imagine it was done for the entire costume, head to toe, for each piece and each seam. For me, that was a little too much work, so I skipped that part.

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