Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Joys of Thrifting

I stopped by my local thrift store, Thrift City USA, this morning with the intention of looking for 3 pairs of capris or 3 pairs of pants I could turn into capris. (Nicole the Knitter had me turn two more pairs of her work pants into capris and they turned out pretty nice.) I had a couple pairs of pants already that I really should replace because of tightness.

You see, that was my intention.

 What I came home with was 1 pair of long pants, 3 pairs of capris and 4 short sleeved shirts. One of the shirts has sleeves that are a little tight but I think I can modify them. It all cost just over $34. One of the capris was brand new, Mosimo from Target, with the original tags still on them: $5.99 vs. $19.99. I got fun colors of pants: salmon, pink, green and white, plus some beige ones. And those shirts: all of them are either striped or plaid.

I'm going to turn into a clothes horse.

However, I didn't try the clothes on in the store. When I got home, I tried some of the stuff on as I threw it all into the washer (on cold). I figured the Mosimo pants would fit so I didn't try them on. Guess what...those pants totally didn't fit. :( Live and learn. And nope, the store doesn't allow exchanges or returns. However, considering how much stuff I did get, I think I still came out on top.

Before: couldn't get the top part buttoned
After: a long skirt
After: I forgot to take a before photo of this one. 
But it's still been a productive day. On top of all this, I've turned two long dresses that my husband got me in Iraq a few years ago into skirts. Over the last few years, I apparently have become a little more...busty. :) Yeah, sure, busty, that's what it is. I'm sure it wasn't a weight gain or anything. Each dress was a tank top style and I cut the tops off and made new waistbands. I really like the khaki colored one, because the left side hem on it has a random point coming down from the asymmetrical hem. That one is secured on the side with a snap.

I'm really proud of how these turned out. I've tried other clothing modifications before and they haven't turned out yet. Granted, I ripped out the waistband a couple times to get it right, but I feel like I've turned a corner with my sewing with these projects.

And I just made a quick little drawstring bag for our GPS navigator. It's one of the original bulky ones and I'm still using it, and I needed a new bag for it since we don't keep it on the dashboard.

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