Sunday, May 20, 2012

My First (And Last) Sock Monkey

For some reason, I've had a real yearning to make a sock monkey and I don't know why. I figured I'd make it for my niece, and it's going to go in a box of books to my sister this week. Let me tell you though, these little suckers are harder to make than they look!

I used the official Red Heel Sock Monkey Pattern and knocked this sucker out tonight after supper. I used a pair of ankle socks that I got from my mom and tucked away for this purpose.

I'm not really happy with how it turned out. It's ears and mouth (both muzzle and embroidered line) are wonky. And even though I tried to make them even, the little legs are not the same size. I think I may have stuffed them differently.

Although, I hope my niece will still like it. I'll have to tell my sister this was another project where her daughter was my guinea pig.

While I was working on this tonight, I watched a movie on You Tube...a movie so bad, it's not even good. It was the 1997 (but looks older than that) made for television movie of...The Justice League!

"Although developed by CBS to be a pilot for a television series, it never aired in US markets, but did air in the UK and Europe." Thank God for's like "Friends" vs "X-Men Origins: First Class" vs. the Justice League. I've seen better superhero costumes in Craftster's Halloween Costume Challenges and in the annual Halloween Costume Contests in the now defunct Wizard Magazine (I miss that magazine...that and Hero Magazine...sign).

Hmmmmmmmm, maybe if I hadn't been watching this God awful movie, the monkey would have turned out better.

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