Friday, May 11, 2012

One More Shared Bag Pattern

I did get around to finishing my second grocery store bag. I think this is going to be another good fresh produce tote, because of it's open design for air flow and freshness.

Like the other bag, this is also made with an I sized crochet hook but with two balls of Lion Brand Yarn 100% pure cotton (189 yards of cotton per ball), in Americana (#211). 

I didn't bother to measure out the handles or their placement, which is why they look a little wonky here. I eyeballed them because I was getting so close to the end of my second ball that it was more important to me to get the handles on than to have it be perfect. There are actually supposed to be four rows of single crochet above the handles. I was lucky to get as much there as I did. I know, I know, I could have made it correctly and just BOUGHT another ball of Americana, but then that defeats the point of a stashbuster project.

This bag is wildly strong too, even stronger than the first bag I made. This one is the Provence Summer String Bag by Classic Elite Yarns. The name of the pattern comes from this description on the pattern's page: "Provence is mercerized Egyptian cotton that crochets into a strong and beautiful fabric. 

"Egyptian cotton has two qualities that make it a great cotton yarn: a very long staple (fiber) length and a small diameter. The long staple gives the yarn strength and sheen; and the delicate diameter means that it spins into a soft, smooth yarn. Mercerizing makes a yarn that is stable, takes dye well, and is less likely to shrink."

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