Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Think We Had a Mini Hurricane

We were expected to have a thunderstorm and rain this afternoon, and boy, did we ever! I think this might have been a mini hurricane! I know it's so not safe to drive and take cell phone pictures during a storm, but I couldn't resist!

The clouds were building in Norfolk this afternoon. This is heading north on Kempsville, just south of I-64, just after 5 PM. The rain was actually forecast to begin around 3 PM. We had some giant drops start falling around 4 PM.

At the intersection of Kempsville and Virginia Beach Blvd., still heading north. This was taken about five minutes after the first photo. You can't really see it in this photo, but the clouds were grey and the sky was green. The last time I saw a green sky was the morning after Hurricane Floyd was supposed to hit us in 1999.

Same intersection as above, but looking slightly east.

Here comes the rain and wind in sheets. I believe this is on Military Highway, still going north, about 5-10 minutes after the above photo was taken, right around 5:20-5:30 PM.
I finally had to put my phone down after this last photo. The rain and wind was moving the Blazer around somewhat as I drove. But as bad as it got here with this storm, we didn't lose any branches and the power at the house didn't even flicker.

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