Friday, June 29, 2012

Walking Dead Swap on Craftster

I'm telling you, I need a break from the swaps on Craftster. :) I was a part of "The Walking Dead Swap" on Craftster recently. This particular swap, I knew the kinds of things I wanted to make and just had to hope they tied in to my partner's likes somehow.

1. Comic/TV Show/Both?
tv show, i have not seen a comic around where i live!
2. Favorite character(s) List in order of importance-
Darryl - rick - glenn (For me, I would list them as Glenn, Darryl and Rick.)
3. Favorite color-
Orange - Blue - White
4. Allergies-
5. Are you willing to be partnered with someone who lives in a different country?
6. What would you like to receive?
I like zombies in general, my son and I love to read books on the subject. I would like to receive whatever my partners prefers. just receiving would be interesting
7. What do you not want to receive?
8. What is your craft? (knit/sew/paint/beading/etc)
i can do native american beadwork, sew, craft with my glue gun!!
9. Anything else you would like your partner to know about you?
i pretty much enjoy zombie movies in general. I'm out going and love to do crafts of all sorts, i like to try new crafts and enjoy it. if you would like to ask me anything feel free to ask Smiley
don't have one

Unfortunately, my partner, pearljam94, and I each a death in the family during this swap, so we each needed more time to finish up our projects. Pearljam94 said my package to her did arrive but she hasn't posed pictures in the gallery yet, so I'm going to post them in a day or two.

I knew from the get-go, I wanted to do some kind of portrait of Glenn. But I'm no painter...I get frustrated when I try to paint and it doesn't turn out exactly perfect. So, I cheated a little. I found a picture of Steven Yeun online that I really liked, as Glenn, took it into Photoshop, cloned out his features, and then smeared it. Once this image was big enough, I projected it onto the "canvas" with a mini projector, traced it on in pencil, and started painting.
This was actually a wall hanging print from Big Lots that I bought for $5. 

The grey background is actually primer paint. It looked like a tin ceiling tile print. The red splatter around him is really watered down red crafting paint that I flicked on. I am really freaking happy with how my portrait of Glenn turned out! It pained me a little to send it away.

I also bought a wall clock from Wal-Mart and redid the face of it, the same way I redid my crafting room clock a while back. I used Photoshop to design a new face. Rick was originally in this image, on horseback, riding into Atlanta, right below 5 o'clock but it looked busy and full in that corner so I cloned him out. I did try including a red bloody biohazard symbol in the center where the hands come through but that looked busy too.
A quick and dirty before picture of the clock, taken apart, and the new face.
The frame of the clock was plain white but I added some red crafting paint bloody fingerprints to it, because everything is better with blood. :)
Back in it's box and ready to ship.

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