Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Granny Rectangle Blanket Done

While my husband and I were back home this last time, I realized (while working on my step-uncle-in-law's granddaughter's blanket...say that three times fast) that my crocheting in public or with family and friends around is an amazingly popular thing for others to watch, especially where kids are concerned and I don't know why. It's like moths to a light for some reason.

Some of the kids watched because they have or had grandmas that crocheted (Oh God, am I the youngest person they know that does this?) or because they want to learn.

As a thank you to one particular family for all they did for us, we are putting together a special package for them. Their teenaged son will get a command t-shirt from where my husband works.

This quick cell phone pic came from our friend. The family went camping recently and the daughter took the blanket with her. It's laying on top of her bed in the cabin.
I made another granny rectangle blanket for their almost teenaged daughter. (She seemed really interested in the crocheting and told her mom she wished we could stay longer so I could teach her.) I would guess it was about 3 1/2' x 4' in size, give or take. But it's already on it's way to the family.

This is just a quick cell phone picture, because I didn't get one taken before it got mailed. 

It was supposed to be a stashbuster project, but it would have been a travel sized baby blanket if I had stuck to just my existing stash, so I had to buy a few more skeins. It's in lots of different soft shades of pinks, white, blues and greens. Here's the breakdown of what I used to make it, with an H sized bamboo crochet hook:

--A little more than 1 skein of Bernat Softee Baby in Baby Baby (#31306)..A nice yarn but it's kind of thin feeling but it's not weak feeling.
--Almost 1 skein of Bernat Pipsqueak in Candy Girl (#59415)...This was like a soft terry cloth kind of yarn.
--Almost 1 skein of Lion Brand Jiffy (a mohair yarn) in Naples (#350)...This is a discontinued color
--Almost 1 skein of Lion Brand Jiffy in Kitty Hawk (#357)...If you go looking for Naples online and manage to see what it looks like, Kitty Hawk looks to be a very close substitute online. In real life, not so much. The Naples has a neutral white/off white look to it, with sprinkles of color throughout it. The Kitty Hawk has more of a light blue tint to it, with sprinkles of color throughout it. However, they are both great thick feeling yarns.
--1 1/2 skeins of Premier Yarns Angel Self Shading in Peach Candy (#63-201)...I LOVE this yarn color!!!! It first comes across as thin and weak for strength, but once you get a portion of a project done with it, you see that it's really a great yarn to work with.
--Almost 2 skeins of Ester Bitran Hand Dyed yarn in Canela (#804)...This is my one funky colored yarn that I wanted to work into this blanket.
--Almost 2 skeins of Mondial Boreale in white (#426)...Incredibly soft and easy to work with, but it's not real forgiving if you have to pull out a section.


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