Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Modified Shirt To Share

Earlier this month, I finally got around to posting the Mossimo shirt that I modified. I think I bought it in May, the same time I bought this shirt. I know this is a late posting, but I just finished this modification because my in-laws just left from a 1 1/2 week visit, this morning. We've just been super busy lately! 

It's a Lane Bryant shirt, size 22. This is the before picture, to the left, modeled by my dress form. I knew this would be a big shirt on me, but I loved it so much that I had to have it. The teal and brown are so pretty together, the fabrics are light and airy, and the embroidery on it (although machine-done) reminds me of a Moroccan design.

I'm not a plus-sized woman, but I really did need this shirt. Like the Mossimo shirt, this one was $2.99 and needed to be taken in before being worn.

I knew this might be more of an advanced modification than anything I've done so far. I had to remove the stitching from the top and bottom part of the shirt first, on each side, so I could then take in the sides correctly. From both bottom layers, I took about 1.5 cm in on each side of the shirt where it was already pieced together. Then, I had to go back to that horizontal seam and put it back together.

I did really well with this one! I'm surprised that I was able to keep the vertical seams matching on the top and bottom, considering it was just the bottom I took in and not the top. I haven't taken an after picture but it's considerably smaller on me now and it still looks so good! Yay me!

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