Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still Learning Things About Crochet

I'm working on a program to make (crochet and/or knit) blanket for the hospice patients that are served by the agency I work for. So far, it's been very slow going...just me and another crocheter are making anything, but we've had a lot of interest in. Just nibbles for now, but I'm hoping for more.

I have learned the most wonderful method of attaching the squares together: the join as you go method. There are a lot of sites that have directions on how to do this, but I wasn't understanding a lot of them. Maybe they are just poorly written tutorials or maybe it's just me.

However, THIS is the best tute for the join as you go method that I've come across so far.

Before, I would give each square a matching border of one more row of 3 DC clusters, and then single crochet them all together on one side, giving that side a waffle-looking print. Nothing wrong with that and it gave the blanket a little bit more texture.

But the join as you go method? LOVE IT! It's so much cleaner looking, faster and a better use of yarn, because you are alternating the 3 DC clusters with a slip stitch.

I've also grown tired of making just regular granny squares. I need to change it up a little bit, so here's two patterns for the ones I like best right now.

This is a square pattern created by Norma over at Norma's Needle Adventures. I like this one because it's got some great weight to it.

This Halloween skull came from So far, this is my favorite new square design. I  keep second guessing myself on this one. I mean, it's blanket project for HOSPICE patients. Do I really want to include a skull?

Is it insensitive to make a Halloween themed blanket? What about a Christmas themed blanket? I don't know. Is it going to be a painful reminder of holidays they will miss, if they are alert enough to know? But I've got loads of yarn still so I think we'll make them anyway. Giving them out might be another story.

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