Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crafting Magazines That Shut Down

Over the years, the UK had the best crafting magazines I’ve ever seen: big glossy magazines with bright colors, close-up photographs, step-by-step DIY tutorials, and they usually all come with some kind of extra, depending on the type of craft. The papercraft magazines always came with a stamp or paper, sometimes ribbons and flocking, and even blank cards and envelopes sometimes. The scrapbooking magazines came with a CD of images for your use. They ran anywhere from $10-$12 in USD, but it was so worth it.

And they were hard to find. Generally, you could only find them at Hancock Fabrics or Barnes and Noble, unless you wanted to pay about $120 for a year’s subscription, because you had to pay for shipping to get it sent over the pond too. It was cheaper to wait for each new issue and see if you could hunt it down locally.

But as the years have gone on, these great magazines have been disappearing, shutting down publication, at least for the printed versions.

I realized these great magazines have gone just this morning, when I was going through a binder of torn out crafting pages of things I wanted to make, kind of like a printed Pinterest. I’ve decided to get rid of the printed pages and save everything electronically. If I can’t find it online to PDF it, then I’m going to scan the pages that I have here.

One of my favorites was a magazine called, “You Can Craft.” It closed down in May 2009.

I actually came across some cards they highlighted in February 2009, that I’d forgotten about and actually have made, but have given away. These actually got quite a few compliments from the recipients for me. I tried scanning the pages at work to share here, but they were poorly converted PDF documents that weren't salvageable.

It’s a shame that good magazines like “You Can Craft” are gone. I’m sure they are victims of the economy (I've read that 7.99, in Euros, is considered pretty pricey for a magazine, even with all the extras it came with), the internet and even e-readers. Angela Bedford said this about "You Can Craft" on April 14, 2008, "The thing I love about this mag is it’s not full of adverts, which most other magazines are. It’s printed on far better quality paper, so it will keep well on the shelf; it contains ALL of the templates used to create each project. The paper you get with it isn’t printed on magazine paper as with some of the other publications; it’s double sided light card stock the same quality as you’d buy from the craft shop. I just love reading through, and making a card straight away, have everything in the kit, card, templates, embellishments, letters, ribbons etc. I’d recommend it, especially on subscription, but only if you love making cards, as this tends to be the main focus."

But I wish their websites were still up and running to share the content of those magazines online.

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