Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mom's Blanket is Finished

My estimate of the 6' length does not include the 4" tassels on the ends.

This is the blanket I finished for my mom: it's the Woven Warmth Throw from Lion Brand's booklet, Crocheted Throws, which is available on Amazon. This pattern is marked as easy (rating a 2 out of 4 for ease) and was created by Michele Maks Thompson.

Typically, I wouldn't buy a pattern book for blankets, but my mom actually picked this up for me a few years ago. There are some really nice patterns in here for all crochet talent levels, so it would be worth getting.

My only change from this pattern is in the finishing. The pattern calls for 70" lengths of yarn to be woven in and out of the widest (DC) rows, not the thin (SC) rows. The lengths are doubled and woven to go in and out of 2 DC's at a time. I started doing this with a light yellow yarn in the Pastel Yellow rows first. I didn't like this. I guess my tension was off, because my woven yarn lengths looked puckered and tight, and nothing like they do in the finished pattern.

BTW, the pattern calls for only three colors of yarn, so you can easily see another change I made right there!

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