Monday, August 13, 2012

Recieved Another ATC Today

Please excuse my shitty pictures lately. These ATC's are hard to get a good photo of. They're small and I have overhead lights, so the "close up" option on my camera sometimes doesn't look right.

gala_apples of Winnipeg did this dolphin card for me. It seemed appropriate to get a dolphin card in this swap. About 2-ish weeks ago, my in-laws were visiting and we went on a charter fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean. Before I lost my breakfast and was unable to fish from being surprisingly seasick, I got to see loads of dolphins in the ocean. Adults and babies alike were leaping through the air and swimming so fast. It was so amazing!

Anyhoo, in real life, this card actually looks like it's made from homemade paper. Very cool!

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