Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reusable Grocery Store Bags

A word to the wise about those reusable grocery store bags: I learned the hard way that these are very particular about how they are repaired. I'm hoping I'm not the only person out there to try and repair these cheapo things, but I figure if I repair a bag, it keeps it usable that much longer.

Anyway, they look and feel like cheap thing fabric of some sort. I've actually resewn the edges when they've fallen apart. But what about if you poke or cut a hole in them? Trying to iron on a patch is NOT a good idea.

These suckers melt once exposed to a hot iron. They're made out of some sort of plastic that makes them stronger than regular plastic grocery store bags, so they'll make a mess out of your iron. However, once your iron cools, the hardened plastic can be picked off and your iron's surface will be/should be fine again.

I was talking to my step-mother-in-law recently about this and she laughed and laughed over the mental image of me ironing a patch on one of these bags. :) She said, "You really do like you reusable bags, don't you, if you're going to fix them!" :)

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