Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Small businesses are a big issue

I saw this article on CNN the other day and it really hit home with me.

Murdock, Minnesota (CNN) -- Jannet Walsh is not waiting for the presidential candidates to encourage more jobs. Instead, the unemployed Minnesotan is trying to create one on her own.

"I think it was February, after I don't know how many (job) rejections," the 48-year-old told CNN Radio, the frustration still clear in her voice, "I actually remember sitting here kind of yelling, 'This is it! This is enough!' " 

That moment, Walsh decided to create her own business, a one-woman photography and media company based in her family's century-old home. With that decision, the energetic former newspaper photographer took a gamble that is central to the debates over the economy and the White House."

Sure, I've got a job but I don't know that I have any skills that I could turn into a business of my own, so Jannet Walsh's ability to do that for herself made me a little jealous, but in a good way.

"Right now, I'm not making much money," Walsh sighed, her laptop perched on the antique writer's desk that used to belong to her grandfather, "but I think once more people know who I am and actually see me out more, I think that could change."

There's the crochet stuff I could teach maybe. I take photos for my husband's American Legion Riders group. I used to be a florist. A pet sitter. Maybe a house cleaner. But really, that's about it.

Now, she hopes she can beat the odds and make a small business thrive in this quiet town. According to the SBA, a third of all small businesses shutter in the first two years, and half call it quits in the first five...

In Minnesota, Walsh's business, with just five paying clients, is about as small as they get. In part, that is because her starting strategy has included a few nonpaying events so that she could get more attention for her work and name.

From what I read about her in the article, I think Jannet has a good, realistic head on her shoulders. Hopefully, these are the lean times for her and her business. I hope it eventually takes off and does well.

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