Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christmas Crafting for the Cats and Kids

Say the title three times fast! :)

So as of today, I have officially started my Christmas crafting, starting with the cats in my life first (because this project was the quickest and the easiest): my own Dixie, Nicole the Knitter's Odin, and my sister's two babies, Alex and Sugar.

First on my list of things to do this afternoon: cat toy fortune cookies, courtesy of Amanda from Texas.

Just finished and hot off the sewing machine!
I just finished making 8 of these little buggers. Amanda's are so much nicer looking than mine, but from her blog, it appears she does a lot more sewing than I do, so she has  more practice.

Next up was turning a beloved sweater of mine into a couple hats for little kids, using Ashley's pattern.

I loved this sweater but with a moderate amount of washing and wearing, it's really gotten all stretched out of shape. It's a Canyon River Blues sweater from about two years ago, made in China and machine knit out of cotton and acylic.

Hat #1: with a funky bow on it. I was thinking about this one for some friends who are having their first baby: a girl, obviously.

Hat #2: a beanie with three unmatched black buttons. Like Hat #1, I feel like this one is too long, which is strange because I made them the same width as I did height. It's probably from being stretched out again. This one I was thinking about for another friend, who is having his first child with his new wife.

Hat #3: a funky argyle design. This one was supposed to be a little smaller and bef for my sister's daughter, who is 2 1/2 years old. Guess the Elmo hat fiasco from last year, this damn hat fits me!

I'm not really sure if they will actually be used for Christmas gifts, or if they will just go into the thrift store bag. Right now, that's what I'm leaning towards more. I think the secret is to start with sweaters that aren't worn or stretched too much.

However, on a better note, in March, I finished an extra crocheted blanket. It's a good thing I have this, because my brother- and sister-in-law adopted another little boy and this will be his for Christmas. Whoo, me! It really does pay to think ahead where crafting is concerned!

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  1. I think your fortune cookie cat toys turned out just perfect! I know the cats will love them!!! And the hats are a cute idea too... I really like the argyle one! :)