Sunday, October 7, 2012

Doing Some Sewing For Myself Today

I decided to have a non-housework day here today and just knock out some stuff I've been putting off, which included two items for myself.

                               I bought these two pairs of pants awhile ago at the local thrift store. Like a dumbass, I didn't try them on first. The khaki cords were too tight in the legs, and the purple jeans were too tight everywhere. The cords were sized with an odd number, so know knows where they came from, and I believe the jeans were a victim of shrinkage because they were in my size originally. Anyway, the thrift store doesn't do returns and I'll be damned if I was going to just toss them into my own thrift store bag and be out about $15 on these pants. So, I decided that since I liked the fabrics so much, I need to work on them.

Since the cords fit the best around my waist, they were the main part of my new skirt. I really want to be able to wear this in public but I'm already wondering if it would look too hippie-ish or something. I think it would look great with a long khaki colored sweater and a purple shirt though.

And yes, I've learned my lesson FINALLY on trying clothes on in the store. :)

My other project came from Stacy at One Owl Obsessed Oddity: make a color blocked dress from two ugly polo shirts. I stumbled across this DIY page on her blog and finally got around to it.

I believe Stacy is in Australia, where the weather is starting to get warm. Here in the U.S., it's starting to get cool, which made it difficult to find any polo shirts the last time I went thrifting. (A lot of the short sleeved, warmer weather stuff was being put away for the season so the cooler weather stuff could come out.) I was only able to find one, the purple shirt here. Luckily, I bought plenty of f them over the summer, so I sacrificed the pink one.

The purple one had kind of a t-shirt feel to it and the pink shirt was a rougher cotton feel. While they were both XL's, I wish I had done this a little differently. I should have waited until I could find two shirts at the same time, because the pink shirt was wider than the purple one, so I had to take it in on the sides once it was cut apart.

I also wish I had made my first cut lower than I did. I wasn't thinking about where it would fall compared to my bustline. Also, if I had moved it down, then the second pink section wouldn't start right across my ass. :) The dress would have remained the same length, but the lines would have been better.

I also wish I hadn't taken in the sides of the bottom pink section quite so much. While this dress is wearable, I wish it were a little looser. Maybe I really need to start a diet, and then it WOULD fit the way I'd want! :) But really, not too shabby for about $4 worth of clothes.

In fact, I'll be keeping this project in mind the next time I go thrifting. It would be nice to have a couple of these. Since I work in an office, it's nice to have a few dresses. I'm not a really dressy person, but these polo dresses are too easy to pass up!

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