Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feeling a Little Mentally Stymied

As you can see by the lack of posts, I'm feeling a little mentally stuck again, so in order to clear out the cobwebs, I'm turning to another blog for inspiration.

On Oct. 16, Fantastic Fangirls asked, "What comic book character would you take out on a date and why?"

Easy peasey, lemon squeezey: either Iron Man/Tony Stark or Captain America/Steve Rogers. And yes, I am basing this answer on the Iron Man and the Avengers movies, but it still counts because they STARTED as comic book characters.

Tony Stark: I defy any woman to not have a good time with this man, no matter what your "type" is, if you even have one. I'm not talking about getting into the sack with Tony, although I think that's the way any evening would end with the old Tony (pre-hostage, pre-arc reactor days), and then the general booting out of his house by Pepper Potts. We're talking just dates here.

He's wildly sarcastic and funny, but he's also highly intelligent, educated and witty. You could have actual conversations with him. He's also got hobbies: he likes hot rods and in the first Iron Man movie, he based the color scheme on the suit on hot rod red. To me, that just shows he can geek out a little bit about the stuff he enjoys.

As a multi-millionaire, he's got the world at his fingertips. He has a whole fleet of cars and airplanes at his disposal. A date with Tony could happen ANYWHERE. He suggests pizza or Italian, and before you know it, you're on your way to Rome.

But what about simpler tastes? I think Tony has them. "Have you ever tried shawarma?" Iron Man asks Captain America. "There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I want to try it." Shawarma is flavorful, spit-roasted Middle Eastern street food. If that doesn't speak to simple tastes, no pun intended, I don't know what does. To me, this says Tony doesn't have to dine in the fanciest, best restaurants that money can buy. He's in a busted up restaurant in NYC with his friends (I guess you could call the Avengers his friends now), enjoying a meal after doing something worthwhile: saving Earth and all of humanity from Loki and an army of aliens. That's kind of humble.

And from a total fangirl POV, come's RDJ here. Tony Stark is good looking!!!! What's wrong with wanting a little arm candy once in a while? :)

Steve Rogers: born July 4, 1922, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City, to poor Irish immigrants. God, he's got humble oozing out of his pores already! He's a sweetheart, and it doesn't matter if we're talking about the pre-Super Solider Serum or the buff-Cap. He's nice and well mannered (I cracked up during the Avengers when he's meeting people, calling the Black Widow "m'am" and some other random guy "son.").

In late April 1945, during the closing days of World War II, Captain America stops the villainous Red Skull  from destroying NYC, by crash landing the plane and saving tens of thousands of people. Rogers is hurled into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, where he freezes but lives, until being thawed out about 70 years later. He will do anything for his beliefs, provided it benefits the greater good. He's got heart.

And because he really does come from a simpler time, Steve probably wouldn't be bogged down with the latest and greatest of anything, in order to enjoy an evening out. Because of the effects of the Super Solider Serum on his metabolism, he can't get drunk so he's not going to get all sloppy on you. He likes baseball games, the radio and going dancing if he had the right partner. He grew up frail, thin, sickly, and bullied, so it's safe to say he'd never be mean to someone, just for the sake of being mean. He knows what it's like to be verbally (and physically) hurt. Simple things and a good time would make for a good date with Steve.

But at least he's trying to adapt to live in this time. He went along with them for shawarma. :) Steve probably never tried it in the 1940's

And from a total fangirl POV again, come on...Steve Rogers is good looking too (even for a guy with blonde hair)

I think it's interesting to look at these two guys and realize they are pretty much polar opposites of each other. What does that say about me? :)

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