Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finished With A Baby Gift

I finished up a baby gift for some friends tonight (I was supposed to take a weekend trip up to DC with my husband and his aunt and uncle, but I haven't been sleeping well lately, had a headache this morning and just couldn't bring myself to go, so I'm taking advantage of having the house to myself tonight).

This package goes along with the strawberry lemonade blanket from earlier. (And I am missing my camera tonight. It pooped the bed on me last weekend, so now my pictures are from my phone until I get a new one.) 

A simple post card type congratulations card (I really liked this card stock but it wasn't enough to make a folding card. I couldn't bring myself to not use it anyway.). I almost forgot to grab a card for them.

I decided I didn't want to make the hat the same size as the jacket. This will fit the baby, a girl, unborn as of yet, once she's older.
The hat will fit a head with a 16" circumference. The hat started from an actual pattern I found online, meant to be kind of a spring hat, but I started changing things right away and turned it into a different look. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down. However, I think this would also make a nice beanie too, once the turned up brim sizing becomes too short.

Little tiny jacket
The jacket is the Baby's Plush Jacket from the Cozy Crochet Kit. I love this little pattern. It's super easy to work up and has become my go-to pattern for baby clothes. This size should fit a three month old infant.

Both of these pieces were made from yarn and a button already in my stash. The black is regular old Red Heart Super Saver; the red is Premier Yarns Mega Brushed in Wild Berry Sorbet (#51-205); and the trim is an unknown eyelash yarn, probably some kind of Moda Dea yarn. I actually hoped to reverse the red and black, but I didn't have enough of the Wild Berry yarn to do that, and I didn't want to buy more. Both pieces were made on a K sized crochet hook.

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