Thursday, October 25, 2012

My "Walking Dead" Thought for the Week

I tend to run a little behind schedule when I watch "The Walking Dead," usually by a week or so. So WD fans, you can read this post and be assured, THERE ARE NO SPOILERS HERE because I've only watched season 3, episode 1 so far. I won't give anything any here, but I do have one thought to share.

 You see this group of three photos of the group? What do all the people have in common here? (And WHY doesn't T-Dog get more to do besides putting on work gloves and moving dead zombie bodies???)
 Any ideas yet?
All of our survivors are dirty and grimy. Makes sense, right? During a zombie apocalypse, when you're fighting for your life and survival, personal hygiene goes bye-bye. Plus, it's just hard to stay clean when you're forced to survive the way they are.

Okay, so that being said, look at the next group of photos and tell me what they all have in common.


 Any guesses?
All of their vehicles are always CLEAN.

If you've got the resources to keep the outsides of your vehicles clean (soap and water, at the very least), why aren't you keeping yourself clean? Is it because of resale value once the apocalypse is over?

I understand this is a fiction series, but it's starting to bug me. I think I know why the cars are usually clean though. Right now, AMC is running the "Drive to Survive" sweepstakes, where you could win Shane's actual Hyundai Tucson (second vehicle photo, above left). You want the potential entrants to see how nice the car looks, and Hyundai may have a contract clause for the car to be clean anytime it's shown in an episode.

But come on....dirt, gravel dust, zombie gore and yet that Tucson looks like it just rolled out of the showroom. Stop it, AMC...get those vehicles dirty or get the survivors cleaned up!

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