Saturday, October 27, 2012

Someone Else Feels The Way I Do

This article just about jumped off the screen to me tonight: Breast cancer gets most attention.
Catherine Reade and M.J. Ainsley begin by listing people they love who suffered from breast cancer, perhaps to offset any sense of sour grapes.

But eventually, Ainsley, a Chesapeake woman with pancreatic cancer, arrives at her point about breast cancer awareness month.

"I am thrilled so many people are survivors, and I'm thrilled about the awareness, but come on," Ainsley said, looking a member of the media straight in the eye. "There are other cancers out there."

And more deadly ones at that.

"There's so much pink, and it's in everybody's face," Reade, a Virginia Beach lung cancer fighter, said with a weary tone.

After 31 days of pink ribbons, races for "the cure," egg cartons with pink emblems, football players with pink shoes and sweat towels, November arrives with a bit less fanfare for awareness months near and dear to Reade and Ainsley.

The cancer that Reade is battling - lung cancer - kills more people than any other cancer in the country and is second only to heart disease among all causes of death.
It immediately reminded me of a post I made almost a year ago, about breast cancer getting so much attention, to the point that as the daughter of a mother with non-breast cancer, it's making me sick. I'd never begrudge anyone their survival over cancer, but damn it, I just want my mom to live too. I don't know how she can when it seems like so much time and money is spent on treatment and early detection for breast cancer.

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