Friday, October 5, 2012

The Best Swap Yet!

I just got my Doctor Who swap goodies from my partner, Shynii. I just have to say, I really had an amazing partner and I think I got the better end of the deal!

Shynii painted just all of the packaging with this beautiful outer space watercolor design.

I wonder what was in this little pouch...

OMG, it's an adorable portrait of Tom Baker!!!! Right now, I have this tucked into a mirror frame in my crafting room. I'm fighting the weirdest urge to color it, for some reason. I think I might scan it and save it as a JPG so I can "color" it later on in Photoshop without ruining her work.

A TARDIS pin and necklace. If you hold the TARDIS up to the light, you can see light coming through the windows. "The Doctor is in!" On the charms with the necklace, she translated my name into Gallifreian. AWESOME!!!!!

The jewelry came in this starry pouch, complete with a leather TARDIS tag, which has a cut out D for Doctor on the other side.

PSYCHIC PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But here we go...the best part...Shynii drew a beautiful, thoughtful portrait of #4 (that's my second favorite doctor and where I'm currently at in watching the entire series), and put him in a Gallifrian-themed frame with a clay Dalek adornment.

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