Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Popularity of a Single Post

I'm actually really surprised about the popularity of the Steelers blanket pattern post from 2010. I'm still getting requests from people to share the pattern with them, which I definitely will do. While that pattern wasn't mine (I found it online), it was a free pattern when I stumbled across it so I saved it to my computer.

The most recent request for the pattern (it's saved as a PDF, and I don't know how to post a PDF here online) came from Devin, who included this picture of Brett Kiesel, #99. "My daughter went last year to San Francisco but those game pics are on my computer at work. Sorry I can't send them too. Thank You soo much for sending the pattern. It means more than you know."

How nice is that? I love getting pictures back from new people online!!! :)


  1. how about the Titans beating the Steelers Thurs night?? Wasn't that game just awful?? So happy my team won though :)

  2. Is there any way you could send the pattern to my email?
    Thank you!!!