Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Think I Need to Make This Purse

I saw this purse on Yahoo! Fashion this morning: "Fashion That Makes Us Sad: The Worst of 2012." I know it looks like something that should be on "What Not To Crochet" but I really dig this design for a purse! It's a Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily Crocheted Bag that costs $2,895.

I think in different colors, this could be a kick ass purse and I think I need to make it. I'm sure it's lined, and I know I could get purse handles at any number of places. The front flap is obviously just six little granny squares. along with rows of granny clusters for the front, and probably the back. The sides are just single crochets and turned on the sides. The more I look at it, the more I think that front flap is probably double sided with something inside of it to give it some strength. The same probably holds true for the sides: even with the lining, there has to be something else inside it.

Yeah, I think this could be an awesome project after I get the Doctor Who scarf finished. I'll have to post my pattern when I finish it.

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  1. I always think about making myself a crocheted bag also but just haven't done it yet.