Friday, December 7, 2012

The Scarf Continues to Grow

The Androids of Tara
"If you keep burning my scarf, you're going to have to kill me!"
The guard had zapped the Doctor's scarf with his nifty electric-sword-thingy, and the Doctor was just *not* having that!

Just a quick little blurry cell phone picture of my Doctor Who scarf. I've taken to rolling it and using binder clips on the ends to contain it as I work on it.

Here, you can see, it almost stretches as long as my mom's living room. The leg on the upper left is my husband's. The legs in the bottom are mine, and I'm sitting with my back up against the lvoe seat in her living room, which is up against a wall. I haven't taken an actual measurement of it yet. My mom just asked if it ever gets cold enough in Virginia to ever wear a scarf like this. When I said no, she asked why I would make something like this.

I've changed the grey yarn into navy blue, because I had navy blue and I thought it would match the other warm tones of the yarns better than the grey would.

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