Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Tunnel at the Detroit Airport

This is not my video, but rather one I borrowed from YouTube. This is the tunnel at the Detroit Airport. It connects Concourse A with Concourse B/C in the McNamara Terminal. Light patterns along the tunnel are choreographed with music.

"The B and C concourses are connected to the main terminal building and the A Concourse by a pedestrian walkway under the Airport ramp. This walkway, known as the Light Tunnel, features an elaborate multi-colored light show behind sculpted glass panels extending the entire length of the walkway, as well several moving walkways. The light patterns are synchronized with an original musical score composed by Victor Alexeeff, which runs for nearly a half hour before repeating. This installation, one of the first large-scale uses of color changing LED lighting in the United States, was produced by Mills James Productions with glasswork by Foxfire Glass Works of Pontiac, Michigan. The display won multiple lighting design awards including the prestigious Guth Award of Merit. For passengers who are prone to medical conditions such as seizures, there are buttons at each end of the tunnel that will suspend the light show for five minutes so they can pass through with no adverse effects."

I really think this is not supposed to be relaxing or invigorating, depending on the travelers' moods, just for the sake of relaxation. Don't get me wrong: it's pretty cool to watch and listen to, but I walked through this damn thing so many times yesterday on our way back to Virginia, I think it's a way to either:
--exhaust the travelers so they are subdued and well-behaved on the planes (Detroit has a HUGE freakin' airport) or
--it relaxes the irritated and angry travelers that have been screwed over by the airlines for any number of reasons, so they are subdued and well-behaved when they FINALLY get to make their flights.

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