Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Need More NEW Superhero Movies

The newest trailer for Superman: The Man of Steel is out.

In a way, it reminds me of The Amazing Spider-Man trailer. They both seem a little dark and bleak, in a way.

Despite my great, almost life-long love for Spidey, I had no desire to see that latest movie. The same goes for Superman next year. I think it's because they are both origin films AGAIN. Plus, I will admit that Tobey Maguire and Brandon Routh are both cemented in my head and heart as the modern Spidey and Supes, but I understand the concept that superheroes are like James Bond: they need to be updated for each era.

But mostly, I don't need another origin movie for those characters. I know there are movie-goers that would see these trailers and be interested in them because they have no knowledge of the characters and don't know their stories, but Tobey's Spider-Man movies came out in 2002, 2004 and 2007. Christopher Reeve's Superman movies came out in 1978, 1980, 1983, and 1987. Brandon's turn with the cape was in 2006. And don't forget, there are comic books, cartoons and even series for these characters. There is a LOT of origin information out there.

If Andrew Garfield and Henry Cavill could have gotten these roles, but with continuing storylines from the previous movies, then I think I would be more interested. Spidey could still fight the Lizard and Captain Stacy could probably still die, but let him have more to do than rehash high school and his transformation into a hero AGAIN. Superman could do battle with General Zod, having broken out of the Phantom Zone, save Lois and all the inhabitants of Earth, and we don't have to rewatch Jor-El and his wife send baby Kal-El away on a spaceship to Earth, the destruction of Krypton, or his first time meeting Lois and Perry White.

By the way, is this version of General Zod going to remind us of Loki from the Thor and Avengers movies? And how kick ass is it that Laurence Fishburne is going to be Perry White??? I love Laurence Fishburne; he's one of my favorite actors.

Don't get me wrong: some revamped movies are awesomely done, in my opinion: Rod Zombie's Halloween movies and JJ Abrams' Star Trek come to mind, because even though each filmmaker changed the continuity of the subject matter, they each expanded on it so much, making the characters more than what they were before. But three words: Han shot first. You can't go back and change a plot line after the fact, just because you didn't like it.

But why are certain characters so hot for origins right now? Why does Hollywood keep releasing the same movies, over and over? You just know that in a couple years, there will be a revamped Batman trilogy, starring someone besides Joseph Gordon Levitt. For the record, I haven't seen the last Batman movie. The first two of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies bored me to tears. No real chemistry, no real emotions, they are all just so flat, much like Kate Bosworth as Lois in Superman Returns.

I'd like to see a Wonder Woman movie. Hell, even Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds wasn't that bad, and I don't even like RR or know squat about GL, but I still enjoyed it as a film. The Flash has lots of fans. The X-Men movies have all done pretty well. How about a Spider-Woman movie, for God's sake? Give us origin movies on new and different characters, or give us one shot graphic novels as movies, like The Watchmen. I know there won't be another Watchmen movie, and I'm fine with that, because that one film was pretty much all I needed in a superhero film that came from a graphic novel I've never read.

Moviegoers who are fans of certain genres are all armchair quarterbacks, myself included. We are fickle and angry and we could always do it better than the filmmakers could.

--For me, I wouldn't have started Daniel Craig's run as James Bond with having Judi Dench as his "M." I would have gone straight to Ralph Fiennes. Having Judi Dench as his M was a little weird, because it felt like a hold over from Pierce Bronson's days as Bond.
--It would be fun if there could be one Bond girl that James was trying so hard to snag and he just doesn't win her over.
--Kate Bosworth wouldn't have EVER been Lois Lane. I probably would have gone with Amy Adams immediately. Dye her hair brown and get her started! And Kate's take on Lois? Too much of a bitch.
--For Man of Steel, I would have Clark Kent try to move on from being "dumped" by Lois and introduce Lana Lang as his love interest. That would create a little bit of jealousy on Lois's behalf: Clark wants the small town girl over the big city reporter? WTH?
--For the original Spider-Man trilogy, swap out Mary Jane Watson for Gwen Stacy. Minor changes and it still would have worked. Instead of being a struggling actress, she'd be an overworked college student.
--Denzel Washington as GL John Stewart in a sequel.
--As much as I don't like Christian Bale, I think he might make a decent James Bond (because of one scene in one of the Batman movies he did, where he's stashing people throughout his apartment, he comes out with a weapon and it reminds me so much of Pierce Brosnan in "Goldeneye.") But I'd also like to see Clive Owen (because he reminds me of George Lazenby in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service) or Michael Fassbender as Bond (because of the bar fight scene in "X-Men: First Class").
--Each actor/actress gets to be only ONE superhero. No more dual characters (Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Halle Berry).
--Halle Berry would have kept the African accent when she was Storm, but then again, I wouldn't have cast her as Storm. Angela Bassett, Vivica Fox, Vanessa Williams or Iman would have been better choices. For God's sake, RUPAUL would have been a better Storm!

It would be nice if Hollywood would listen to some of us, sometimes.

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